The legal procedure attached to buying a property in Turkey is quite straight forward and as such, remarkably so, it is not necessary to use a solicitor to do so. While this sounds completely irresponsible to us Europeans, you need to remember that for Turkish Natives, the sale process can be completed in just one day.

As a foreign national about to purchase a property in Turkey, we would always recommend you use a solicitor. Although the process is simple, unlike a native transaction, the period between sales agreement and title deed issue is approxımately eight weeks.

Once you have found the perfect Turkish property, land or business, we will arrange a solicitors appointment for you to meet with the seller. The solicitor will perform the land registry search on the property and also perform checks to ensure it is debt free, before drawing up a legal and binding contract of sale.

The contract of sale will include full details of the property, full details of both buyer/s and seller/s, payment terms, warranty guarantees (where applicable) and any extras agreed within the purchase price.

At this stage, you can choose to leave a 'power of attorney' with us so that we can act on your behalf for the remainder of the purchase, meaning you will not have to return to Turkey approximately eight weeks later. If you choose this option, we will take you to the Notary office where you will meet with a legal translator to ensure you understand the process. The necessary paperwork will then be drawn up, signed and notarized in your presence.

The army search application will then be applied for. Details that are sent to them are the buyers full details including passport number and full details of the property to include both the building and the land parcel share. The army check is necessary for foreign nationals for the following reasons. Firstly, they need to ensure you are not wanted by Interpol! And secondly, it is not possible for foreign nationals to own property close to army zones.

Due to the high number of foreigners buying property in Didim, we need to allow around eight weeks for the approval to be returned. Once this is received, we are ready to proceed to TAPU (Title Deed) registration in your name. If you have left a power of attorney with us, we will be able to register the deed into your name. If not, you will need to return to Turkey to proceed.



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1 Bedroom Apartment
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1 Bedroom Apartment
İtem no: 1207
Didim / 1+1

18,500 GBP  -  21,200 EURO
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