All citizens of the following countries listed can legally buy and own real estate in Turkey. This is due to a recipriocal agreement and gives the purchasers the same legal rights as a Turkish native.

Argentina, Australia, Austria, Barbados, Belgium, Bosnia, Brazil, Canada, Central Africa, Chile, Columbia, Dominican Replublic, Egypt, El Salvador, Serbia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece (with some restrictions), Guatemala, Holland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Kenya, Luxembourg, Malawi, Malaysia, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, South Africa, Peru, Somalia, Spain, Sweden, Tanzania, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Turkmenistan, UK, USA, Venezuela.

There is currently a new law pending which could open up the market to additonal countries and, if and when this happens, we will update our website accordingly.

The acquisition of Real Estate in Turkey for natives of the following countries depends on some provisions and permissions:

Cibuti, Chad, Denmark, Phillippines, Ghana, South Korea, Haiti, Croatia, Iran, Japan, Switzerlandi, Lebanon, Macedonia, Mexico, Nepal, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Uzbekistan, Greece, Sri Lanka, Togo, Trinidad and Tobago, Uganda, Jordan.


Property status
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İtem no: 1271
Didim / 0+1

0 GBP  -  0 EURO
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1 Bedroom Apartment
İtem no: 1259
Didim / 1+1

17,500 GBP  -  0 EURO
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1 Bedroom Apartment
İtem no: 1207
Didim / 1+1

18,500 GBP  -  21,200 EURO
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Yapı Kredi Bankası 0.75
Finans Bank 0.78
Ziraat Bankası 0.94
$ (USD) 3.9594 3.9665
£ (POUND) 5.2380 5.2653
€ (EURO) 4.6547 4.6631
23.11.2017 Singular Plural
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