"Altinkum” directly translated means “golden sand”. Its the perfect name for this Aegean Coastal resort and a name that more than delivers, so much so that two of its outstanding beaches have been awarded the prestigious ‘Blue Flag’ with a further four awarded in the surrounding areas.  The crystal clear waters of the Aegean shelve gently away from the shore making it an ideal resort for families with children as there are no sudden changes in depth.

Dotted along the beach are small boutiques, souvenir shops, cafes, bars & restaurants that cater to all tastes where you can sit and enjoy the view while sipping Turkish tea, or something a little stronger.

Bordering the main beach is a small harbour where you can book a day of relaxation cruising the bays & coves on the coastline, do a spot of fishing or scuba diving, or for the more adventurous among you there are the party boats for a day of fun and frolicks.

For families there is the Luna Park (fairground) located on the seafront where you can enjoy all the fun of the fair, the watersports on the Main beach, or, take a bus ride and spend the day at the Aquapark.

History buffs are only five minutes away from the Divine Sanctury of the God Apollo, where for a few lira you can wander freely around the temple under the formidable gaze of the snake haired Medusa.  Further afield, within a twenty minute drive, are the Ancient City of Miletos and Priene, the one time home of Alexander the Great.

Wine enthusiasts can sample the delights of the wine producing village at Sirince where the Nar (pomegranate) and Karadut (blackberry) wines are so delicious it is advisable to book in overnight at one of the traditional guest houses that surround the village.

For nature lovers there is the wildlife reserve of Bafa lake just thirty minutes drive from Altinkum and a bird watchers paradise.  Horse riding can be found just outside of Akbuk, trekking clubs with their regular excursions who will guide you off the beaten track, or simply take a rod and a book for a spot of fishing or relaxing in one of the small hidden coves that can be found, well, just about everywhere!

In the summer months Altinkum comes alive. The beat of the music, the street dancing, the neon lights, the traditional costumes, the beach bonfires, the flower sellers, the candy floss, donuts and sticky ice cream.  It is quaint and charming and really quite magical.

Over the past seven years, with attractive property prices and inevitable progress, this jewel in the Aegean  has grown from a small fishing village to a top contender as a holiday hotspot and investors dream.

One of the most exciting developments in its progress is the “D Marin”,  a multi million pound marina which can host one thousand vessels. It is without a doubt an important move toward the future of tourism in the area and certainly raises the bar for the rest of the resort.

Altinkum is only one of the small towns within ‘Didim’ and is the most touristy of them all.  Within the Didim borders are the exclusive residential area of ‘Yesilkent” with its up market villas & picturesque beach, the mountainous town of ‘Akbuk” a stunning panorama of turquoise sea and purple mountain ranges, “Mavisehir” a traditional town set around a horseshoe bay with a small harbour and nightly bazzar, “Sagtur” with its small coves and rolling countryside and ‘Akkoy” a whitewashed traditional village of Greek heritage.

Here in Didim, be it for holiday or property purchase, there really is something to suit everyone, whatever the taste or budget.


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